Roster Information (Tryouts)

First day of tryouts is February 13th- The Varsity and JV rosters will be posted on Thursday Feb 14th by 8PM.


All players who make the program will be expected to be present at practices on Saturday February 16th  and 23rd - just plan on doing lacrosse stuff all day- please do not ask out for all or part of either day


Tryouts- What to bring- Players should bring all gear and clothes (appropriate for the weather) to school on February 13th.

*Bring cleats and sneakers every day. The locker room will be open before school on the 13th for players to put things in lockers- some Seniors will be there to help the younger guys as needed.

*All players should bring locks.

*All players will clear out their locker after tryouts on February 14th.

*Those players who make the team should bring their gear back in Friday morning- all players should have a lock at that point. If a player winds up with something missing from their locker and they either do not have a lock on it or do not lock it, then that is the player’s responsibility. There will be other school teams using our locker room so there will be a lot of people coming and going and the room will not always be locked. Bring a lock.


Faceoff  Meeting (For parents and players)-  Saturday February 16th from 1-2:30 in the Cafeteria. Players will receive all uniforms, shorts, shirts, warm-up shirts, sweats, bags etc. at the meeting. It is critical that each family have a parent present as well as the player. We will collect money for these items that day also. We will also go over team rules and expectations among other things. Immediately after the teams are posted, all parents will receive an email with details about the Faceoff Meeting, what to bring etc.