Peak City Lacrosse (PCL) is a grass roots initiative by the Apex Lacrosse Alumni and Parents Association in support of getting kids playing lacrosse in Apex. Peak City Lacrosse is a group of community volunteers.


  • Give young athletes districted to attend Apex HS the opportunity to learn the sport of lacrosse.

  • Seek to remove or mitigate barriers that may exist for youth to get involved in lacrosse.

  • Strengthen the feeder program for the Apex HS Lacrosse program.

  • Teach the “Apex Way” of playing the game of lacrosse.

  • Encourage sportsmanship and a healthy outlook on youth sports in general.

  • Encourage young athletes to be multi-sport athletes. We do not seek a year round commitment to lacrosse or to PCL.



  • Establish a 6th-8th grade team consisting of players who are slated to attend Apex HS in the coming years.

  • Keep the program as affordable as possible by minimizing costs:

    •  Coaches will be volunteers.

    • Encourage athletes' families to volunteer to help run games.

    • Uniform costs will be minimal.

    • Field fees, insurance, referees, balls, and gear will all be part of a transparent budget.


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